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About The Founder

Scotty Abourisk grew up an action sports enthusiast since he was a grom (kid). From skateboarding to surfing, snowboarding and everything in between – he’s done it all and still does it to this day. 

Check out the story behind why he founded Med-Well and what his goals are for the future of hemp-derived recovery supplements. 

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Nanotek* Technology

Learn about how our proprietary Nanotek* Technology enhances the efficacy of our products. With Med-Well, less is more. 

CBD 101

Cannabidiol or CBD can be a daunting subject to new users. With all of the misinformation out there, how can you differentiate between what’s true and false?

Because of this dilemma, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together all of the information we’ve found through hours of research from various sources – but mainly pubmed

Check it out and learn a thing or two before hopping aboard the CBD train. 

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