The product is super good! The gummies are super tasty and the flower is great to smoke on all day. Love it!

Greyson Beal

This shit is fire!

Alex Sorgente

This product is fire! I use the roll-on everyday and the gummies taste so good!

Ethan DeMoulin

Dude – I LOVE the gummies. They help me sleep like a baby and STAY asleep throughout the night!

Matt Byrd

I ate the gummies like candy – they’re so good! The flower is amazing too!

Trey Wood

I bought this stuff recently and have been blown away by how good the gummies are! the flower is the best for the evenings. but the gummies are awesome at the beginning of the day to feel calm, focused and collected for hours 🙂

Colin Meyers

You guys, this roll-on is undefeated! As soon as I put it on I get the instant cooling effect and the sensation lasts for so long. Perfect for after a skate session. Keep it up!

Jacob Carlson

I got the roll-on and the gummies and they’re insanely good – I’m so stoked to have them now, I can’t go anywhere without them!

Shane Matthews