Sierra Sunrise

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Sierra Sunrise is a limited edition CBD-rich strain that was cultivated for connoisseurs, by connoisseurs.

With its explosive citrus terpene profile and cheesy/fuel-like undertones, its complex aroma is one you have to try for yourself.

  • Hygienically Grown using Certified Organic Materials
  • PRG and Growth Hormone-free
  • Laboratory Tested
Our 100 % recyclable containers are made with a proprietary, state-of-the-art, technology that   protects the flower from harmful UV rays, is moisture and child-resistant.

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Med-Well’s premium hemp flower is grown indoors using certified organic soil, premium organic nutrients, purified reverse-osmosis (RO) water and high-powered LED lights.

The flower is then hand harvested in a hygienic environment ensuring the cleanest/highest quality possible.

Once dried, it’s hand trimmed by professional flower trimmers and stored in a temperature controlled environment to encapsulate its terpene profile and cannabinoid levels.

All of our flower is tested by Cannasafe using state-of-the-art testing equipment in a certified analytical testing laboratory.

The strain is packed with CBD, pungent terpenes and is know for its calming, yet energizing effects. It has 14.4% CBD after its conversion from CBD acid. There is virtually no THC present in this strain, at 0.19% by dry weight (far below the legal limit of 0.30% for industrial hemp). We grow all of our flower in indoor hygienic facilities, while using certified organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality on the market.

1 review for Sierra Sunrise

  1. Dennis Boyce

    I’ve been smoking hemp for a while now and this is the best quality flower I’ve come across. The smell is synonymous with the highest grade marijuana but without the fogginess or fatigue. I smoke this all day and feel great!

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  • Organic Premium Indoor Hemp Flower
    • Strain: Sierra Sunrise
  • Certified Organic Soil
  • Certified Organic Nutrients
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water
  • Ergonomically designed, UV-protectant, 100% Recyclable packaging
  • Love and Care ♥
  • Grown Indoors
  • Organic Soil and Nutrients
  • Hand Harvested and Trimmed
  • Dried to perfection
  • Potency:
    • CBD: 11.39%
    • THC: 0.05%  
  • Smoke it
    • Roll it up in a Joint or Blunt
    • Pack a Bowl, Bong or Chillum
  • Make Cannabutter with it/ Cook with it
  • Eat it raw, like a savage

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