my story

My Story

How It All Began

Inspired by the benefits of hemp-derived supplements, Scotty Abourisk saw an opportunity to provide premium-quality CBD products to professional and amateur athletes in need.

He noticed he wasn’t able to “bounce back” like he could in his youth. This led him up a path to find something that would allow him to do what he loves for years to come, without totally breaking the bank.
Through a lot of product research, trials, and errors, he was able to narrow it down to one type of supplementation- Hemp. After trying dozens of products from numerous manufacturers, he found something that offered him the best results. So, he partnered with the grower/manufacturer to create Med-Well LLC- a brand for athletes, by athletes.

As an action sports enthusiast himself, he knew his products would benefit people alike. So, he’s educating people about the benefits of hemp-derived supplements, while also keeping up with his professional athlete friends. His goal is to elongate the longevity of athletes’ passions and help them take care of their bodies, so they can do what they love as long as physically possible. He plans to take Med-Well global one day; while challenging poor hemp cultivation/processing practices- in efforts to raise standards- providing everyone with high-quality, effective products.

What We Stand For

We are committed to improving and elongating the lives of athletes and enthusiasts alike.

We believe in quality and consistency in all of the products we offer.

We want to enable people to recoup, recover and perform at optimal levels throughout their lives.

We strive to unite the world, unearthing the potential for all who live and take action.

We are a new generation of supplements and we will lead the way for years to come.

my story